Patrick Gerard Carmody, Architect, is noted for work that is classic, exactingly detailed, and graceful. Recognized for close client collaboration, the firm produces homes that weave together an intimate and individual response to context, program, and personality. The focus is on high end residential projects, encompassing many full renovations of apartments in the 3,000 to 5,000 square-foot range, as well as exceptional townhouses. Projects outside Manhattan include newly constructed country homes, additions, and renovations in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Connecticut, New Jersey, Long Island, and Westchester. Mr. Carmody's work is featured in The Franklin Report, a guide to the best residential architects, in both the New York City and Connecticut/Westchester editions, as well as showcased in print and on television. 

Raised in Louisiana, Mr. Carmody's early influences derived from his architectural heritage. The comfortable and historic homes reflected exotic vernacular conditions with a restrained and airy classicism adapted to luxuriant subtropical landscapes. Mr. Carmody received undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture from Rice University in Houston. He also obtained degrees in fine arts (painting) and art history. Further training was on the Via Gabina archaeological excavation in Rome, Italy, the Patrimonial Cultural in Santo Domingo, and the New York Studio School. After an internship in San Francisco, he worked briefly in Washington, D.C. before moving to New York City. Mr. Carmody established his own firm in 1999 and is a licensed architect in New York.